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Appel aux véritables Amis de la Patrie, de la Liberté et de la Paix, ou Tableau des principaux résultats de l'Administration des Consuls, et des ressources actuelles de la République Française


Marc-Antoine Jullien
Claude-Augustin Léger

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Appello ai veri amici della patria, della libertà, e della pace, ovvero Quadro dei principali risultati dell'amministrazione de' consoli, e delle attuali risorse della Repubblica francese ... Traduzione del cittadino N.B. con aggiunta di osservazioni translation has paratext


In this pamphlet, Jullien justifies Napoleon's authoritarian rule as a temporary phase in the arc of the revolution, necessary to control factionalism, thwart counter-revolutionary forces and create the conditions for a new "more republican" constitution. At this stage, Jullien is still engaged in an attempt to place Bonapartism within the framework of constitutional representation. The pamphlet led to a worsening of Jullien's relation with Napoleon. In their accounts of Jullien's activity, Palmer and Billington interpret this text as proof of his ever-shifting allegiances and political opportunism. Eugenio Di Rienzo sees it at a last-ditch effort to "save" the republic from the threat of Bonapartism. According to Vittorio Criscuolo, Jullien's Avis was a lesson in political realism, addressed to the French Neo-Jacobins and the Italian patriots, urging them to cooperate with Bonaparte so as to preserve the republican status quo. It also sought to present to Napoleon a positive image of the Italian and French radicals as potential allies. See Eugenio Di Rienzo, Marc-Antoine Jullien de Paris (1789-1848): una biografia politica (Naples: Guida, 1999); Vittorio Criscuolo, 'Les démocrates italiens face à l’hégémonie de la grande Nation In: Peuples en révolution: D’aujourd’hui à 1789 [online]. Aix-en-Provence: Presses universitaires de Provence, 2014 (generated 04 janvier 2022). Available on the Internet: <http://books.openedition.org/pup/16142>.

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