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Radical Translations


  1. Abbozzo di un quadro storico dei progressi dello spirito umano.Opera postuma di Condorcet (1797), 1797
  2. A.B.C., ossia vade-mecum teologico, opera del secolo dedicata al Papa, ai preti. ai Frati, alle Pinzocchere, ma molto più all'istruzione di chi ama e vuol conoscere la verità.: Fatica d'un cappuccino scappuccinato, stampato sotto gli auspici dell'Art.354 della Cost. Cisalpina (1798), 1798
  3. Abrégé de l'histoire d'Angleterre, depuis l'invasion de Jules César jusqu'à la mort de George II. Par le Dr. Goldsmith: et continué jusqu'à l'année 1784. Traduit, sur la cinquième edition, par M. Le Bas de St. Amand (1788), 1788
  4. Abrégé de l'origine de tous les cultes (1797-1798), 1797-1798
  5. A collection of addresses transmitted by certain English clubs and societies to the National Convention of France (1793), 1793
  6. A critical examination of the Marquis de Chatellux's Travels, in North America in a letter addressed to the Marquis, principally intended as a refutation of his opinions concerning the Quakers, the Negroes, the people, and mankind. Translated from the French of J.P. Brissot de Warville, with additions and corrections of the author (1788), 1788
  7. Additional observations on the nature and value of civil liberty, and the war with America. Also observations on schemes for raising money by public loans, an historical deduction and analysis of the national debt and a brief account of the debts and resources of France (1777), 1777
  8. Address from several Societies in England to the National Convention of France, read in the sitting of November 7, 1792 (1793), 1793
  9. Address to the English nation. Translated from the French of J.P. Rabaut de St. Etienne (1791), 1791
  10. Address to the French National Convention, from the following Societies of Britons, united in one common cause, namely, the obtaining of a fair, equal, and impartial representation in Parliament (1792), 1792
  11. Address to the people of France, None
  12. A defence of the constitutions of government of the United States of America (1787), 1787
  13. A defence of the people of England by John Milton, in answer to Salmasius's Defence of the king (1694), 1694
  14. A detail of the wonderful revolution at Paris, or, an exact narrative of all that passed in the capital of France, particularly the siege and capture of the Bastille, from the 11th of July, 1789, to the 23d of the same month (1789), 1789
  15. Adieux à l’année 1789 (1789-1790), 1789-1790
  16. A discourse by M. l'abbe Fauchet, on the liberty of France, delivered Wednesday the 5th of August, 1789 , in the parish church of St. Jaques, and of the S.S. Innocens, at a solemn service sacred to the memory of those citizens who fell at the taking of the Bastille, in the defense of their country. Translated from the French by William Harvest (1790), 1790
  17. A discourse on the love of our country, delivered on Nov. 4, 1789 at the meeting-house in the old Jewry, to the Society for commemorating the Revolution in Great Britain, with an appendix (1790), 1790
  18. A discourse upon the question, whether the King shall be tried? Delivered before the Society of the Friends of the Constitution, at Paris, at a meeting, July 10th, 1791. By J.P. Brissot de Warville, member of that society. Translated by P.J.G. de Nancrede, preceptor of the French language, in the University of Cambridge (1791), 1791
  19. A dissertation on the origins of languages (1761), 1761
  20. Adresse de plusieurs sociétés en Angleterre à la Convention Nationale. Lue dans la séance du 7ieme Novembre 1792 (1792), 1792
  21. Advice to the privileged orders in the several states of Europe resulting from the necessity and propriety of general revolution in the principle of government, Part I (1792), 1792
  22. Advice to the privileged orders in the several states of Europe resulting from the necessity and propriety of general revolution in the principle of government, Part II (1793-09-27), 1793-09-27
  23. A fifteen days' tour to Paris, containing (...) the origin and progress of the present revolution (...). By an English gentleman of veracity, just returned. To which is added, by another hand, a faithful description of every part of that once dreadful engine of despotism, the Bastille, written originally in French, by one who was many years a miserable inhabitant (1789), 1789
  24. Aforismi politici di G. Harrington: traduzione dall'inglese (Anno primo della repubblica italiana (1802)), Anno primo della repubblica italiana (1802)
  25. Agrarian justice, opposed to agrarian law, and to agrarian monopoly, being a plan for meliorating the condition of man. By creating in every nation a national fund, to pay to every person, when arrived at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, to enable him or her to begin the world, and also, ten pounds sterling per annum during life, to every person now living at the age of fifty years, and to all others when they shall arrive at the age, to enable them to live in old age without wretchedness, and go decently out of the world (1797), 1797
  26. A l'Assemblée Nationale. Traduit de l'anglois (1791-1792), 1791-1792
  27. Albert and Adelaide or The victim of constancy (1798), 1798
  28. Alcuni consigli ai cisalpini (Pratile- Messidoro (1798-05/1798-06)), Pratile- Messidoro (1798-05/1798-06)
  29. A letter from Earl Stanhope, to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke. Containing a short answer to his late speech on the French Revolution (1790), 1790
  30. A LETTER from M. TURGOT, late comptroller-general of the finances of France (1784), 1784
  31. A letter from pope Pius VI to the French nation. Translated from the original by V.R. Goynard du Bournay (1789), 1789
  32. A letter to Camille Jourdan (Year 5 (1797)), Year 5 (1797)
  33. A letter to the National Convention of France, on the defects in the Constitution of 1791, and the extent of the amendments which ought to be applied (1792), 1792
  34. Almanach du père Gérard pour l'année 1792 (1792), 1792
  35. An abridgement of the law of nature, or Catechism of French citizens. Translated from the French of C.F. Volney (1796), 1796
  36. An abridgment of the history of England, from the invasion of Julius Cæsar, to the death of George II (1783), 1783
  37. An address to the opposers of the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts (1790), 1790
  38. Analysis of the science of legislation (1791), 1791
  39. An analysis of the science of legislation. Translated from the Italian of the Chevalier Filangieri, by William Kendall (1792), 1792
  40. An appeal to impartial posterity, by Madame Roland, wife of the minister of the interior. Or, A collection of tracts written by her during her confinement in the prisons of the Abbey, and St. Pelagie, in Paris. Translated from the French original (1795), 1795
  41. An essay on colonization particularly applied to the western coast of Africa, with some free thoughts on cultivation and commerce. Also brief descriptions of the colonies already formed, or attempted, in Africa, including those of Sierra Leona and Bulama (1794-1795), 1794-1795
  42. An essay on the history of civil society (1767), 1767
  43. An essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African, translated from a Latin dissertation (1786), 1786
  44. An essay upon the constitution of the Roman government (1681), 1681
  45. A new abridgement of the history of England, from the invasion of Julius Cesar, to the death of George II (1788), 1788
  46. A new geographical, historical, and commercial grammar and present state of the several kingdoms of the world (1774), 1774
  47. Angleterre ancienne, ou tableau des moeurs, usages, armes, habillemens, etc. des anciens habitans de l'Angleterre, c'est-à-dire, des anciens Bretons, des Anglo-Saxons, des Danois & des Normands (1789), 1789
  48. An history of England, in a series of letters from a nobleman to his son (1764), 1764
  49. An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations (1776), 1776
  50. An inquiry into the principles of political economy (1767), 1767