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Radical Translations

Under resources you will find c. 900 radicalising translations, searchable by source text, translation, author, translator and publisher. Uniquely, translator’s paratext metadata are also fully searchable, offering unparalleled insight into how translation performs the work of cultural transfer. Extensive annotations provide further contextual information, carefully situating each translation in a specific time and place.

Under persons you will find prosopographical information on c. 475 translators. You will find information about the networks, political, professional and personal identities of translators that range from well-known revolutionaries to lesser-known radicals to those who used only occasionally used translation to extend radical ideas of liberty and equality into new contexts.

See events to find out more about when a translation was published and how it might have responded to the opening and closing of political opportunity. Users can correlate translations to three different chronologies, covering three linguistic contexts. Events include censorship, regime change, military occupations, exile, imprisonment and other moments relevant to the development of political or social radicalism in source and target cultures.

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