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Radical Translations

Fenelon, ovvero le Monache di Cambrai. Tragedia

Authors of source text

Marie-Joseph Chénier


Antonio Rosa
Francesco Saverio Salfi

Related resources

is translation of
Fénelon, ou les religieuses de Cambrai. Tragédie
is other edition
Fénelon, ovvero Le monache di Cambrai. Tragedia in cinque atti del cittadino Chénier deputato alla Convenzione nazionale, rappresentata per la prima volta in Parigi a'9 febbraio 1793. Tradotta dal cittadino Salfi translation


Afterword by an actor who performed the play and found it "too excessive" (for the subject, feelings and the way of proposing episodes within the play). Notwithstanding this criticism the author underlined the great success of the play with theatres always full of people. on certain political implications of the play. Not by the translator. Possibly by the editor, but e-copy is not complete