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Radical Translations

Our collaborative translation and performance workshops aim to enhance public awareness of the cosmopolitan roots of radical thought. Students, new-generation translators and grassroots activities are invited to extend and improve the public discourse of rights and liberties by translating, adapting and performing a selection of radical texts.

The workshops are facilitated by Cristina Viti, a professional translator who has refined the techniques of co-translation in her own highly acclaimed poetry translations from Italian, French and Albanian. Co-translation begins with preparing a literal translation of a given text into English that is then collectively reworked.

Performances are directed by dramaturge Simon Hatab. Participants develop their own script, combining objects, narration, sound and movement, to draw out the tensions and contradictions latent in revolutionary language that is over two hundred years old.

These public events, translation workshops and performances are documented on the project blog.

Our developing reflections on this process, as well as new collaborative translations of key revolutionary texts for public or classroom use, can be found in the Radical Translations Toolkit: a resource for others engaged in the process of translating radical ideas today.