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Radical Translations

Sanja Perovic and Erica Mannucci participate in a panel organised by Nicolai von Eggers on Afterlives of the French Revolution.

Panel 3: Afterlives of the French Revolution (chair: Kostis Gotsinas)

Sanja Perovic: “When is radicalism? Revolutionary lives in translation”

Erica Joy Manucci: “When is radicalism? Writers and translators in Italy in the 1790s” (online)

Nicolai von Eggers: “The republican roots of communism: The French Revolution and French radicals in the 1830s”

Jean-Numa Ducange: “What is a ‘revolution’? Understanding the German and Austrian revolutions (1918-1919) in the light of the French Revolution”

See the full conference program here.

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