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Radical Translations

Sanja Perovic and Erica Mannucci present on radical translators in a panel on the Afterlives of the French Revolution. The conference investigates the evolving ideas, perceptions and images about Europe in the context of revolutionary politics. It explores how modern revolutions have affected discourses about Europe.

Panel 3: Afterlives of the French Revolution (chair: Kostis Gotsinas)

Sanja Perovic: “When is radicalism? Revolutionary lives in translation”

Erica Joy Manucci: “When is radicalism? Writers and translators in Italy in the 1790s” (online)

Nicolai von Eggers: “The republican roots of communism: The French Revolution and French radicals in the 1830s”

Jean-Numa Ducange: “What is a ‘revolution’? Understanding the German and Austrian revolutions (1918-1919) in the light of the French Revolution”

See the full conference program here.

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