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Radical Translations

  • Date
  • False: false attribution such as false place of imprint or false date
  • Fictional place: false imprint contains a fictional, invented place of imprint or date
  • Form: type or genre of writing.
  • Female
  • Male
  • Language
  • Noble: person was born noble.
  • Place
  • Role: the main role of a person or organization in relation to a resource.
  • Subject: content, theme, or topic of a work.
  • Uncertainty: information could not be verified.

Le Siècle de la Raison, ou Recherches sur la vraie théologie et sur la théologie fabuleuse

Authors of source text

Thomas Paine


François-Xavier Lanthenas
Au Bureau de l'imprimerie (Imprimerie du Cercle Social)
Pierre-Charles-Augustin Gueffier

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is translation of
The Age of Reason. Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology has translation has other edition


Second complete edition with dedication by Paine to the citizens of the United States