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Radical Translations

  • Date
  • False: false attribution such as false place of imprint or false date
  • Fictional place: false imprint contains a fictional, invented place of imprint or date
  • Form: type or genre of writing.
  • Female
  • Male
  • Language
  • Noble: person was born noble.
  • Place
  • Role: the main role of a person or organization in relation to a resource.
  • Subject: content, theme, or topic of a work.
  • Uncertainty: information could not be verified.

An exposition of the motives, which induced the National Assembly to proclaim the convocation of a National Convention, and to decree the suspension of the executive power in the hands of the king. Published by order of the National Convention, 1792

Authors of source text

Legislative Assembly


Thomas Cooper

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is part of
A narrative of the proceedings relating to the suspension of the King of the French on the 10th of August, 1792 has paratext
is translation of
Exposition des motifs d'après lesquels l'Assemblée nationale a proclamé la convocation d'une Convention nationale, et prononcé la suspension du pouvoir exécutif dans les mains du roi has translation