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Radical Translations

  • Date
  • False: false attribution such as false place of imprint or false date
  • Fictional place: false imprint contains a fictional, invented place of imprint or date
  • Form: type or genre of writing.
  • Female
  • Male
  • Language
  • Noble: person was born noble.
  • Place
  • Role: the main role of a person or organization in relation to a resource.
  • Subject: content, theme, or topic of a work.
  • Uncertainty: information could not be verified.

Observations sur la dernière constitution de la France, avec des vues pour la formation de la nouvelle constitution: Traduit de l'anglois par le citoyen Maudru

Authors of source text

David Williams


Jean-Baptiste Maudru
Imprimerie du Cercle Social

Related resources

is part of
Chronique du mois
is translation of
Observations on the late constitution of France with a view to the formation of a new constitution has translation

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Williams came to Paris in December 1792 at Brissot's invitation. This tract was his contribution to the constitutional debates of 1793. It was also published as an article in La Chronique du mois (March 1793), pp.39-65 (see Gallica). One oddity is that while the translated prefatory note is dated 3 Jan 1793, the English MS – never published and now conserved in the Cardiff Public Library (Ms. 2.192) – which he delivered to Brissot, is dated 7 Jan 1793. Lanthenas refers to Williams' pamphlet in Bases fondementales, pp.71-73.

See Rachel Rogers, Vectors of Revolution, p. 239 and Dybikowski, p.318.