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Radical Translations

  • Date
  • False: false attribution such as false place of imprint or false date
  • Fictional place: false imprint contains a fictional, invented place of imprint or date
  • Form: type or genre of writing.
  • Female
  • Male
  • Language
  • Noble: person was born noble.
  • Place
  • Role: the main role of a person or organization in relation to a resource.
  • Subject: content, theme, or topic of a work.
  • Uncertainty: information could not be verified.

William Adlard


  1. Agrarian justice, opposed to agrarian law, and to agrarian monopoly, being a plan for meliorating the condition of man: By creating in every nation a national fund, to pay to every person, when arrived at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, to enable him or her to begin the world, and also, ten pounds sterling per annum during life, to every per has translation publisher
  2. Tyranny annihilated, or, the Triumph of freedom over despotism [...] with the animated and patriotic speech delivered by M. Moreau de St. Merry to the patriotic party after the demolition of the Bastille translation has paratext publisher


Member of


Based in rue Menilmontant and rue neuve Berry in Paris.

Adlard worked with his son Jason as foremen for John Hurford Stone's English Press before they set up on their own in Paris and London. Adlard seems to have become the preferred printer for Paine's works outside Britain in a tactic most likely aimed at avoiding prosecution.

See Madeleine Stern, "The English Press in Paris and its Successors, 1793–1852", in The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, vol.74, no.4 (1980).