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Radical Translations

  • Date
  • False: false attribution such as false place of imprint or false date
  • Fictional place: false imprint contains a fictional, invented place of imprint or date
  • Form: type or genre of writing.
  • Female
  • Male
  • Language
  • Noble: person was born noble.
  • Place
  • Role: the main role of a person or organization in relation to a resource.
  • Subject: content, theme, or topic of a work.
  • Uncertainty: information could not be verified.

Évariste Désiré de Forges, vicomte de Parny


  1. La Guerre des Dieux, poème en dix chants has translation author


Member of


See Catriona Seth, 'Evariste Parny (1753–1814), Créole, révolutionnaire, académicien' (Editions Hermann, 2014).